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Understanding the city’s anxieties, fears, fantasies and dreams.
I feel so much more in touch with my infrastructure after Dr Mellinger's insights - Hull
A participative performance in which you can help build healthier and friendlier places for the future. Come along to talk to Dr Mellinger, for and about the city you live in. Unlike conventional consultations, this will take place in the public space of the city. The atmosphere will be open and convivial. You'll speak about the City - not you - but if that gives you butterflies in your stomach, see Dr Mellinger's receptionist about contributing a sketch or commentary instead. Alternatively, why not just come along and watch?
Performances are on Oct 17, 2019 as part of Bristol's Festival of the Future City. 10:30-12:30 College Green, 13:00-15:00 Broadmead by Union St, 16:00-18:00 between the Cenotaph and Colston statue (Colston Avenue). Or by the entrance to Watershed if it's raining.
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City Psychiatrist is supported by the Festival.


Speak for and about the city you live in. Dr Mellinger will be available on Thu 17 October during Bristol's Festival of the Future City. Click to book a 5-10 minute slot with Dr Mellinger in Bristol. Follow @citypsychiatrst for updates on location, in case it rains

Automatic writing and sketching

Open up your mind to whatever flows from it. What will the city's unconscious tell you to write or draw? Come along at Dr Mellinger's appointment times (see above) to find out.


What cities have to say about Dr Mellinger

Buenos Aires

Last night I dreamed once more that someone walked all over me. With Dr Mellinger I've come to realise that this is a positive sign.

Milton Keynes

I was stuck, imagining all my traffic lights on red. Dr Mellinger showed me how to go round them.

New York

Dr Mellinger helped me see that the skyscrapers were a compensation for something. Now I just have to work out what. Amazing journey!


You might say that Dr Mellinger cured me of my habit. If 'cured' is the right word.


Definitely less delusional.


What inferiority complex?


Dr Mellinger is the City Psychiatrist

  • Dr Mellinger

    Rumoured to be a figment of J.G. Ballard's imagination, City Psychiatrist Dr Mellinger nonetheless becomes manifested on the city streets wherever there is trouble, division, struggle or environmental collapse. Dr Mellinger invites citizens to speak for and about the city they live in, to help build better, healthier, and friendlier places for the future. Filled with personal confusion and doubt, at least partly instilled by the psychic trauma found all too often within the urban landscape, Dr Mellinger is undergoing psychoanalysis.

Our Amazing Multiple Personalities

The facets of Dr Mellinger

Yiota Demetriou


Nick Fogarty


Marcus Gilroy-Ware


Tim Kindberg


Sarah Selby


Dr Mellinger is ably assisted by multiple personalities within, who speak as though they believe themselves to be 'multimedia artists, writers, and technologists'.

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